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woman with packagingWe always look for ways to reduce packaging and improve its environmental performance, while ensuring the freshness and quality of all our products at the same time.

In 2013, we made a number of improvements to our packaging, which saved:

  • 10,336 kg of paperboard
  • 20,678 kg of flexible film (used in ice cream and chocolate bar wrappers)
  • 17,041 kg of corrugate

Other examples of packaging improvements include:

  • New Maxx Scoop slim pails made with 15% less plastic
  • New Perrier 1L PET, 100% recyclable bottles are lighter than glass bottles, with improved environmental sustainability
  • All Nestlé Health Science institutional products transitioned to tetra prismas and Ultrapak bags, which create less waste and reduce carbon footprint
  • The new 2L Nesquik Syrup case design for Costco uses 18,400 kg less CO2 and 17,041 kg less corrugate annually