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As the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, with total Group sales of $110 billion, we believe that the future of our Company lies in helping people eat a healthier diet. At Nestlé we continually research the topic of consumers' health and well-being to ensure we meet the evolving needs of our consumers.


Our goals


Our Nutrition, Health and Wellness strategy, developed over 140 years ago, is based on our assessment that nutritional awareness and the desire for improved health and wellness will increasingly drive consumer choice. Using science-based solutions, we seek to improve quality of life through food and diet, contributing to the health and wellbeing of consumers, including those with specific nutritional needs. We also aim to generate greater awareness, knowledge and understanding among consumers through clear, responsible communication.

To help guide Nestlé strategy in nutrition, the Nestlé Nutrition Council – a council of internationally recognized experts, chaired by Executive Vice President Werner Bauer – meets regularly with Nestlé management to consider key topics in nutrition relevant to Nestlé's business interests.


Our actions globally


We invest in continuous development and improvement in the nutrition profile of products in all categories and in the strengthening of our recipe database management for finer nutrition analysis and tracking. We continue to reduce the salt, sugar, trans fatty acid, saturated fat and artificial colourings they contain, adding more nutritious ingredients and beneficial micronutrients, providing appropriate portion guidance, and making nutritious, high-quality food affordable and available to our consumers. We also ensure we sell and market infant formula responsibly, strictly following the World Health Organization (WHO) Code in developing countries.


Our actions in Canada


In Canada, we have a strong position on advertising to children that is consistent with the Canadian Advertising Initiative, an industry commitment to responsible advertising. We have introduced new procedures and approval processes to regulate the Nutrition, Health and Wellness, environmental and sustainability claims of our brands.


Our performance globally


We continue to innovate and renovate products for nutrition or health considerations, in line with our own profiling criteria and reduction policies, and extended nutrition-based labelling on our product packaging. We increased employee training on nutritional knowledge and improved training of infant formula marketing staff.


Our performance in Canada


In Canada, over 55 Registered Dieticians are employed by Nestlé across many functions from marketing to sales. Additionally, four full-time Nestlé Canada employees have PhDs specializing in Nutrition and Food Services and 95% of Nestlé Canada employees have received nutrition training.


CSV summary:


  • Value for Nestlé: Deeper understanding of nutrition and health issues, as well as fruitful collaborations with various stakeholders, both informing our innovation and renovation efforts, brand awareness and recognition; consumer loyalty; long-term enhanced growth, market share and profitability.
  • Value for society: Greater access to safe, high-quality, responsibly produced, nutritious food; greater knowledge of health issues, better understanding of how to use Nestlé products as part of a healthy and enjoyable diet.