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Individuals and Families

Taste and nutrition at our core

Inspired by our founder, Henri Nestlé, and with nutrition at our core, we work hard to offer foods and beverages that enable healthier and happier lives. We have set commitments and objectives to make our portfolio even healthier and tastier, inspire consumers to lead healthier lives, and develop and share our understanding of the connection between nutrition and health.

This starts with our staff and their individual and personal well-being. A key to our success is ensuring that we have an internal culture built upon continuous nutrition training. Our training program for new employees, Healthy Lives, aims to increase health awareness within our employees, providing them with relevant information, guidance and tips to help our employees make more informed decisions about their own health and extend this knowledge to their families.

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company, with a wide and varied portfolio. Our work to improve the nutritional profile of our products, promote healthy lifestyles, and conduct research is helping pave a path towards improved health around the world. Here are some of the ways we continue to help shape healthy diets and lifestyles and improve overall wellness in Canada.

With the world’s largest private nutrition and food research capability, we’re continuously looking for ways to improve the nutritional value and health benefits across our product range.

Healthy eating is all about balance – eating the right amount to match how active you are, and enjoying a variety of foods, so you get all the nutrients you need.

Making healthy choices for you and your family can be challenging. Our aim is to provide you with relevant information on all our products to help you make healthier choices. The Nestlé Nutritional Compass gives you the information you need in an easy to understand format.