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Students and graduates

Opportunities for development

At Nestlé, we offer exciting opportunities to people early in their careers all around the world.

Each of our markets offers different programs to candidates at the start of their career, from apprenticeships and traineeships to graduate programs and internships. We advertise all our vacancies on the job search page, and you can discover more about each program on our individual country websites. Nestlé also helps young people around the world to get a fulfilling job and career through the Nestlé needs YOUth initiative.

For early-career employees

People Academy

Available company-wide, this self-paced digital learning program helps you to discover Nestlé, its culture, principles and environmental commitments. You’ll learn how to adapt fast, work collaboratively, manage yourself and build leadership skills. People Academy can be accessed worldwide and is available in 19 languages.

For young people looking to start a career

Nestlé needs YOUth equips young people with the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow’s workplaces. Focusing on employment/employability, entrepreneurship and agripreneurship, it has a range of initiatives in different markets, for example:


This program is available in Nestlé's Asian markets. It’s an e-learning module focused on helping job applicants to learn interview skills, and applicants receive tailored guidance on strengths and improvement opportunities when they complete the module.

Iniciative por los jóvenes

For young people in Latin America, this e-learning program forms another part of Nestlé needs YOUth. Designed to help young people find better job opportunities, its modules include helping young people to build CVs and prepare for their first job.

A tax career in Nestlé was very different than my initial expectation because the world is shifting to digitalization. I had the opportunity to be part of different tax innovation projects like machine learning, and robotic process automation. I never thought my role could play a big part at Nestlé.

What makes Nestlé a great company is the constant learning. It is a company that does not stand still, but seeks new challenges. The tremendous portfolio of products it handles and the weight it has worldwide in the food industry, makes the work entertaining and very dynamic; it forces you to break boundaries and grow professionally.

I started at Nestlé with an Engineering Graduate Program in 2016, before working as a Project engineer. I have worked for more than 16 projects so far! Nestlé has always believed in me and in my skillset, and my effort has always been recognized: Nestlé has decided to invest in my studies and, thanks to the company, I completed an Industrialization Project Management Course in Halifax.