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Celebrating World Water Day at Nestlé in Canada


Across Nestlé Canada, we’re proud to celebrate World Water Day – a yearly observance and opportunity to learn more about water-related issues. And, we’re inspired to share how we’re taking action to make a difference.

As the world’s largest food and beverage company, we know we have a responsibility to ensure that we use water as efficiently as possible. Given our reach, size and scale, we can make a significant contribution to help address this global challenge.

  • A key part of achieving our ambition of zero environmental impact in our operations is focused on reducing our withdrawals per tonne of product and reusing water.

  • Globally, we work with partners, such as the Alliance for Water Stewardship, on water stewardship initiatives and increasing access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene, a fundamental right for everyone.

  • As part of our 2020 commitments, we’re focused on reducing direct water withdrawals per tonne of product in every product category to achieve an overall reduction of 35% versus 2010.

  • So far, we’ve had a 29.6% reduction in direct water withdrawals per tonne of product across every category. Across all of our Nestlé in Canada operations, water usage rate is down by 8%.

  • Another important area for us is on education. That’s why, as part of World Water Day, all Nestlé Waters factories across the globe are hosting stakeholder tours and Project Wet (Water Education for Teachers) festivals to encourage and foster conversations about water.

  • On March 21, our Canadian Factory in Puslinch, Ontario hosted over 50 students from Aberfoyle Public School and 20 students from the University of Guelph, to tour the factory and conduct an outside monitoring tour to show how they manage for sustainability.

  • Recently, Nestlé Waters has been working with the University of Guelph on the drilling program in Aberfoyle with Puslinch Township approval. One of the drilling locations is in front of Aberfoyle Public School, and students had the opportunity to learn about the monitoring well drilled at their school and see the bedrock that was cored – creating opportunities for open discussion and information to be shared.

We are proud of the work done so far across our operations and continue to remain focused on making even more improvements in the future and continuing to have open dialogue with our local community members.

Read more about our water stewardship activities and wider Creating Shared Value approach in the new 2018 report.