March is Nutrition Month

March Nutrition, Health & Wellness

March is Nutrition Month and this year's theme is focused on Plan Shop Cook Enjoy! Check out our featured articles for some great tips on how to put your best food forward.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Like many others, you may find that when the busy work week starts it becomes challenging to get nutritious meals out on the table in a time-savvy way. Planning your meals ahead of time and writing a grocery list can help you save time and money, make delicious meals, and help you eat well!

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Decode the % Daily Value

Do you find the nutrition label difficult to understand? Look no further than the % Daily Value (% DV)! The % DV can help you and your family make informed food choices, helping you to understand what’s in your food and how it can fit into healthy, balanced eating for every family member.

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Unscramble the Nutrition Label 

With the abundance of food products available in grocery stores today, the options to make food choices that are better for you are growing. But, do you ever find yourself confused about how to make a choice that is best for you? Knowing how to read the nutrition label can make shopping for nutritious food choices a bit easier!

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Shop ‘til you Drop: Making Healthy Choices at the Grocery Store 

With so many options at the grocery store, knowing how to make healthy food choices can be challenging. Having the knowledge and being prepared can set you on a good path to making the right food choices for you and your family and have a successful grocery shopping trip stress-free.

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