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Ice Cream – a summertime delight

Nestlé ice cream

Summer is a time for life’s simple pleasures – a warm, sunny day accompanied with a cup (or cone) of creamy, smooth, and cold ice cream. For those yearning for decadence, ice cream is a refreshing and delicious treat. There are different varieties of this favourite creamy treat to suit almost everyone’s preference and taste buds. Traditional ice creams are primarily made from milk, cream, and sugar; but there are also many frozen desserts that are made with alternatives like low-fat yogurt and partially skimmed milk. It’s important to remember that all foods can fit within a balanced diet but understanding portion size is key to moderation.

Here are some tips to satisfy that sweet craving while staying on track:

Know the Facts!

Ice cream may contain some higher levels of fats and saturated fats when compared to other frozen desserts, such as sorbet and gelato. Look to the Nutrition Facts Table to compare the calories and fat per serving to make the choice that’s right for you. Try Skinny Cow frozen dessert products, which are made using ingredients from 100% Canadian Skim Milk, are low in fat and portion-controlled, yet they aren’t half the size or flavour!

Portion Control:

Research studies have found that putting food in a separate dish and leaving the original package in a different room may reduce the likelihood of overeating1. Scoop the ice cream from a tub into a smaller bowl to help reduce the portion size. Or try our Mini Drumsticks, with 110 calories per cone, to help satisfy that sweet tooth.

Rewire Comfort Foods:

Ice cream is the king of summertime comfort food. The key strategy to healthy eating is to enjoy a variety of foods in moderation. Try to rewire this craving by consuming a smaller portion and enjoying occasionally while having fun with friends or family. Try adding fresh or frozen fruit into your favourite scoop for added nutrients!  


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