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Healthy eating tips for back to school

Healthy eating tips for back to schoolGoing back to school means getting back into a routine. Planning healthy meals and snacks for the kids will keep them feeling energized and ready to learn.

Check out the articles below for healthy eating tips for the whole family.

Back to school

For many, fall is a favourite season of the year: routines return, new sweaters adorn and life turns indoors for a cozy period. With this return to routine, fall is the perfect season to re-commit to healthy eating and re-establish the routine of eating healthy breakfasts and packing healthy lunches.  

Click here for some healthy breakfast and lunch suggestions

Kids lunch box ideas

Children need a well-balanced diet including a variety of foods for growth and development.  You can’t always control what they eat when they are away from home, but you can give them healthy choices to eat for lunch.

Continue reading for ideas of how to pack a healthy lunch

Meals on-the-go!

It’s recommended we eat every three to four hours to help maintain energy levels and prevent over-eating at meal times.  Depending on your lifestyle, this could be challenging – especially when you add healthy food into the equation.

Read on for specific meal on-the-go tips

Food allergies and intolerances

Food Allergies are sensitivities caused by a reaction of the body's immune system to specific proteins in a food.  Food allergy symptoms occur when the immune system decides that a protein in a food is harmful, and begins an attack when that food enters the body.

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