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Happy Chinese New Year from Kit Kat

Kit Kat Orange for Chinese New Year

For the first time in Canada, Kit Kat is celebrating Chinese New Year with new Kit Kat 2 Finger Orange. The special eight bar multipack has a removable sleeve with Chinese New Year graphics and a slot for ‘red pockets’ filled with money - a traditional gift during the season.

“With a presence in over 70 countries, Kit Kat is a huge global brand with fans from all over the world,” says Lily Wen, Marketing Manager at Nestlé Canada. “We are incorporating a few key Chinese traditions into this new   Kit Kat bar to help our Canadian fans celebrate the holiday.”

Kit Kat Orange – A perfect gift for Chinese New Year!

Why is Kit Kat 2 Finger Orange a perfect gift for Chinese New Year?  It incorporates a number of traditions including:

  • The orange flavour: Oranges are a symbol of luck and good fortune, and they represent happiness when brought to people’s homes
  • The eight bar multipack : Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture, because it sounds like the word wealth in Chinese
  • The red colour: Red is a predominant colour in Chinese culture, and is a symbol of joy and virtue

Kit Kat 2 Finger Orange is a perfect balance of delicious orange-flavoured milk chocolate with a light, crispy wafer. Each two finger bar has 110 calories, making it an ideal gift or special treat, or for sharing with family and friends.