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Earth Day 2018: Stewarding resources for future generations

Earth Day 2018

Natural resources are becoming more constrained. Biodiversity is rapidly declining and forests are still disappearing. Water is increasingly scarce. Moreover, climate change will exacerbate all the challenges that we are currently facing. In addition, one third of the food produced is either lost or wasted every year. To grow sustainably, we must use the planet’s resources wisely and draw on our global influence to effect positive change. Our 2030 ambition is to strive for zero environmental impact in our operations.

Globally, Nestlé has committed to achieve zero waste for disposal in all of its sites worldwide by 2020. In line with the company’s global ambition, Nestlé in Canada currently sends zero waste for disposal among its five factories across Ontario. Factories include: food factory in Mississauga, confectionery factory in Toronto, ice cream factory in London, food service factory in Trenton and the Nestlé Waters plant in Aberfoyle. Each factory works to establish innovative and local solutions to address each one of its unique environments.

Improving our environmental performance
We act on climate change by further reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions along our value chain. We continue to reduce withdrawals of water per tonne of product and help increase access to safe water and sanitation. Reducing waste is a priority: we reuse and recycle wherever possible. We help the farmers we work with to adopt sustainable practices.

We are working, with partners and stakeholders, towards our ambition to strive for zero environmental impact in our operations. We have set clear commitments and objectives to use sustainably-managed and renewable resources, operate more efficiently, aim for zero waste for disposal and improve water management. We also continue to participate actively in initiatives that reduce food loss and waste, and that preserve our forests, oceans and biodiversity.

Read more about how we’re committed to improving the lives of Canadians and doing our part when it comes to sustainability in the 2017 Nestlé in society – Creating Shared Value report.