Nestlé Canada Youth Initiative




Nestlé Canada’s Youth Initiative is designed to help young Canadians fulfill their ambitions and positively contribute to the growth for the Canadian market and Nestlé.

We're committed to offering more than 18,000 young Canadians the opportunity to develop their professional skills, increase their employability and expand their network.

The Youth Initiative is a multifaceted program that will provide jobs and training opportunities in addition to ‘readiness for work’ activities for young adults, across Nestlé Canada.

The Youth Initiative Program consists of four pillars:


Get Support

Don't know where to begin? Need help? Take advantage of our networking events, career counselling, information sessions & recruitment workshops at Universities and Colleges. 


Get Skilled

Internships offer youth an opportunity to gain work experience and strengthen their professional development. That's how we can also help youth build a brighter future. 


Get Hired

We offer new grad hires entry-level positions and formalized training programs, including our operational management and cross-functional trainee programs. Whatever your educational background - marketing, finance, engineering, research and development - wherever in Canada, Nestlé needs YOU!


Get More Opportunities

We're reaching out to our partners to encourage them to open their doors and create even more work opportunities for young adults across Canada.