What is Nestlé doing to manage water responsibly during the drought?

Nestlé Waters Canada operates one factory in Hope, B.C. that uses water only from one source – the Kawkawa Lake aquifer. In total, we withdraw less than 1% of the available groundwater in the Kawkawa Lake aquifer.

Like everyone, we are deeply concerned about the drought in parts of British Columbia.

We are continuing to manage our water use as efficiently as possible and are monitoring our groundwater withdrawals closely to continue to ensure there is no material impact to the aquifer, the associated ecosystem, our neighbours or other water users.

At Hope, we invest about $ 100,000 USD annually to improve water use efficiency. Over the past seven years, we have reduced the amount of water needed to produce one litre of bottled water by 11%. As a result, today it takes us slightly less than 1.2 litres of water to produce one litre of drinking water.

Additionally, our factory in Hope is ISO 140001 certified – meaning that we must set annual water, energy, and waste conservation goals.

We are currently on track to achieving our ISO 14001 water use reduction target for 2015 and are continuing to focus on production process improvements that will improve water use efficiency. The District of Hope has recently restricted water use across the community and we are compliant with this requirement.

Learn more about what we are doing to manage water responsibly.

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