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Making Our Products Tastier & Better For You

Enhancing quality of life for Canadians with accessible and nutritious options is our top priority. With an extensive range of food, beverage, confectionery and meal solutions, we aim to offer delicious, safe and affordable products that are good for you.

Nestlé Professional 

Food and good nutrition are fundamental to our health, well-being and cultural identity. We are working hard to simplify our ingredient lists, removing artificial ingredients, reducing calories and fat and adding positive nutrients, where possible.

Starbucks & Drumstick

Some of Canada’s favourite brands are now available in non-dairy offerings. In response to consumer demand, Starbucks and Nestlé introduced two new non-dairy additions to its line-up of already popular Starbucks® Coffee Enhancers to bring the café experience home with a delicious twist. We also launched two flavours of Drumstick Non-Dairy cones, proudly made in Canada without artificial colours.


Driven by this vision and our unwavering passion for pets, Purina helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives by offering scientifically based innovations and the power of nutrition. We apply our unrivalled scientific expertise in pet nutrition, physiology and behaviour to make new discoveries and deliver nutritional solutions that make a profound difference in your pet’s life.