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Senses Census: Study reveals the sensual side of Canada

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Toronto, ON

Nestlé indulges Canadian senses with new Kit Kat Senses bar

Music, silk sheets and chocolate sound like a perfect recipe for a romantic evening, but romance aside, each of these items has something in common, they delight our senses. According to the recent Kit Kat Senses Census*, Canadians have a clear opinion about the order of importance of each sense. Most agree that sight and sound are the top two senses, but touch and taste are not far behind in third and fourth places and smell seems to lag behind.

It’s not surprising that sight and sound would come out on top overall but add chocolate into the mix and taste was the undeniable sensory leader. When it comes to indulging the sense of taste over half of Canadians (59%) and three quarters of Quebecers agree that chocolate is the ultimate indulgence.

This winter, Nestlé invites Canadians to indulge their sense of taste with new Nestlé Kit Kat Senses. This single bar balances smooth milk chocolate with silky hazelnut cream filling and three of the famous crispy Kit Kat wafers. With five portions, the bar can be savoured one piece at a time or all at once. At 170 calories this bar is an ideal after dinner treat or mid-afternoon work snack that can be enjoyed throughout the work week.


Sense of Chocolate?

If we did have a chocolate sense, nearly three quarters of Canadians (69%) agree that smell and taste are the ideal sensory pairings for chocolate consumption. However, a bit of a divide comes into play between single and married Canadians. The Kit Kat Senses Census revealed that a fifth of Canadian singles feel that touch and taste go hand-in-hand, compared to less than 10% of married Canadians. Perhaps singles are more in tune with their tangible senses?

Touch and taste are certainly important when it comes to pleasing our palate, especially experiencing a sweet indulgence with so much texture and flavour. “Kit Kat Senses is an ideal way to take a break and slip away – the balance of the wafer and hazelnut cream touches tastebuds while the milk chocolate marries all of the flavours,” commented Brand Manager, Christine McClean. “Not only does Kit Kat Senses taste great, at 170 calories, it is an indulgence without over indulging.”

The following are some highlights from the Nestlé Kit Kat Senses Census:

Canadian Sense Geography

  • Atlantic Canadians less about touch and more about taste: In Atlantic Canada taste beat out touch for the top three senses, nearly a quarter (21%) of Atlantic Canadians feel that taste is a more important sense than touch
  • Ontarians and Albertans are into aroma over palate: When it comes to smell apparently the roses smell better than the beef tastes, 14% of Ontarians and Albertans chose smell over taste as one of their top three senses
  • British Columbians are touchy … in a good way: Those polled in B.C. ranked touch over the national average as the third most important sense

We’re all Senses when it Comes to Chocolate

  • When it comes to eating chocolate, the two senses that Canadians feel are best utilized are smell and taste followed by sight and taste
  • Nearly a quarter of single Canadians feel that touch and taste are best used during chocolate consumption compared to less than 10% of married Canadians
  • The Prairie provinces rank smell and taste as the top senses, the highest percentage amongst the other provinces

Chocolate is tops for V-day

  • The majority of Canadians agree that the ultimate indulgence is chocolate (59%)
  • Nearly three-quarters (69%) of females agree that chocolate is the ultimate indulgence versus nearly half (48%) of the men surveyed
  • For Valentine’s Day more females are looking for a chocolate surprise than males, men by far prefer a bottle of wine over chocolate
  • Quebecers are very in tune with their chocolate sense – 80% of Quebecers agree that chocolate is the ultimate indulgence

Kit Kat Senses is available at grocery and retail outlets across Canada for a suggested retail price of $1.09 - $1.29 per 31 g bar.



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*These independent surveys were conducted by Decima Research in December 2008. This national sample of 1,000 Canadian adults 18 years or older is accurate within +/- 3.1 percentage points.