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Nestlé Canada offers consumers convenience, nutrition and taste with the launch of its newest products

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At Nestlé Canada, our vision is to help Canadians live happier and healthier lives. We do this by continuously creating innovative and superior products that meet the unique and changing needs of our consumers. Whether it’s developing products made without artificial colours or flavours, like new Popping Pops, or renovating existing products with new packaging like Smarties, Nestlé aims to create products that satisfy consumers’ appetites and offers convenience, nutrition and great taste that Canadians will love.

Each year, Nestlé Canada launches a number of new products. The selection of Nestlé products being showcased at the 2015 Grocery Innovations Canada Show are outlined below.
SMARTIES *Portion Control Packaging*
In 2015, in keeping with its global commitments to nutrition, health and wellness and its leadership in providing treats in a more permissible way, Nestlé Canada announced that its SMARTIES packaging was getting a refresh. The innovative packaging incorporated portion guidance indicators on its regular products and reduced the size of its seasonal products. The SMARTIES regular box is now uniquely physically divided into three compartments, with each compartment containing a single portion of 15 SMARTIES and 70 calories and 11g of sugar per 15g. The SMARTIES cello bag was redesigned into a recyclable canister with a custom lid that allows consumers to measure out a single portion of 15 SMARTIES. And seasonal products, which include all large, hollow SMARTIES figures, have been reduced to a single portion that consumers can feel good about giving during the various holiday seasons.

KIT KAT CHUNKY Double Caramel
Delighting consumers all over the world, KIT KAT is a favourite chocolate treat thanks to light wafers and delicious chocolate. KIT KAT CHUNKY has the same great KIT KAT taste with a BIGGER hit of chocolate and crisp wafer. The KIT KAT CHUNKY Double Caramel is a global launch from Nestlé and adds a SKU to the portfolio that addresses the number one consumer flavour inclusion, caramel.

HÄAGEN-DAZS Gelato is a smooth and decadent Italian-inspired treat with a creamy, intense flavour. Two new additions to the 500ml tub include the rich and sweet Tiramisu flavour and smooth and silky Cappuccino. If portion control or convenience is what you desire, Cappuccino and Limoncello flavours have also been added to the 118ml cups. If you’re craving a unique treat, try the new Gelato bars, available in Tiramisu and Strawberry. This new offering is inspiring a whole new way to enjoy both HÄAGEN-DAZS and Gelato.

FRUPOPS Watermelon                                   
New delicious watermelon-flavoured ice pops come in the fun and unique shape of a watermelon slice, FRUPOPS Watermelon have a soft texture and chocolatey seeds, contain no artificial colours or flavours and are 60 calories per 73ml pop.

The perfect treat for little hands! Kids will love this delicious strawberry, orange and lemon flavoured ice pop with a unique and exciting surprise popping centre! A refreshing and tasty treat, POPPING POPS contain no artificial colours or flavours and are 70 calories per 50ml pop.

Take a moment for extraordinary pizza. Inspired by the authentic Italian experience, our stone baked sourdough thin crust pizzas are made from only the best ingredients and finest cheeses. Perfect for those ‘just for me’ moments when only something exceptional will do. DELISSIO RUSTICO is available in six varieties; Margherita, Spinaci Fresca, Pepperoni Diavolo, Funghi, Vegetale Grille, and Pollo Toscano.

DELISSIO PIZZERIA VINTAGE® brings you two new and exciting flavours to choose from in 2015 – Canadian and Tuscan Chicken. Make family pizza night memorable with this truly amazing pizza inspired by the traditions, passion and great taste of authentic pizzerias. DELISSIO VINTAGE PIZZERIA is created with care, using quality ingredients and our finest tomato sauce, on a pizzeria style crust that is golden crispy on the outside and tender, light and airy on the inside.

NESTLÉ® GOOD START® *Mom-friendly packaging*
Breast milk is best for baby. If moms choose to supplement or exclusively formula feed, NESTLÉ GOOD START is making it easier with a new mom-friendly packaging design, plus easy-to-see benefits for babies. The new packaging design has two convenient scoop storage options, a built-in grip for one-handled use and a clear, easy-to-understand label.

NESTLÉ® GOOD START® Stage 3 Toddler Transition
New NESTLÉ GOOD START Stage 3 Toddler Transition provides nutrition to nourish your toddler’s growth and development. It is the first and only milk-based nutritional supplement for toddlers with the combination of B. lactis, a probiotic that contributes to a healthy digestive tract flora, and DHA, which helps support normal physical brain and eye development.  Plus, it contains 27 nutrients, including 24 vitamins and minerals, which help maintain your toddler’s good health. This product is appropriate for children ages one to three years and not intended for infants under 12 months of age.

NESTLÉ GERBER® Organic Baby Cereal
New NESTLÉ GERBER Organic Baby Cereals go beyond great taste and are a wholesome and easy choice for your baby’s first solid food. They are an excellent source of iron and calcium, and made with no added salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Plus, they come in a travel-friendly resealable plastic container. Available in two flavours: Oatmeal and Brown Rice.

Help encourage pincer practice with baby’s first snack from NESTLÉ GERBER My 1st Puffs, developed for babies eight months and older. The unique star shape is easy for baby to grab and helps develop fine motor skills. Plus they’re made from a simple recipe of only seven ingredients, making this wholesome, easy-to-dissolve snack a whole lot of fun for you and your baby.

NESTLÉ GERBER® *Limited Edition Puffs Penguins*
This winter, surprise baby with the cutest snack! Discover our limited edition Puffs Penguins design. The same trusted NESTLÉ GERBER Puffs bundled up in the cutest penguin package! Available in three adorable designs and flavours: Strawberry Apple, Banana and Blueberry Vanilla.