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Nestlé Canada’s Ice Cream factory attempts world record for the tallest ice cream cone!

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To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Nestlé Canada’s Ice Cream factory in London, Ontario is trying to set a new world record for the tallest ice cream cone. The cone measures 3.30m high and weighs 640 kilograms. It was produced especially for the opening weekend of the London Western Fair where, as part of the record 11,000 visitors were able to enjoy it.

Over 20 employees from the Ice Cream factory supported by the full factory team as well as four local businesses worked together to bring this exceptional, giant ice cream cone to life. Under the lead of Marc van der Laan and Bonnie Douglas, Project Managers for Nestlé, over 120 hours of work was invested in this world record attempt.

Arthur van Raalte, Director of Factory Operations, London Ice Cream Factory, Nestlé Canada, explains: “It’s great to see what you can achieve with both passion and collaboration. We wanted to do something innovative to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our factory in London and the 150th anniversary of Nestlé. The unmatched expertise of our team allowed us to attempt to break the Guinness World record for the tallest ice cream, and we are proud to share the result of our creation with the visitors of the London Western Fair”.

The exceptional dimension of the ice cream is not enough for the world record. To be officially validated, the cone needs to be consumed. 11,000 people were able to enjoy a scoop of it during the opening weekend of the London Western Fair (September 10 and 11, 2016) – which Nestlé Canada is an official sponsor.

After its consumption by the public, the Guinness Book representatives will review all details of the operation and officially validate this world record attempt and attribute it to the Nestlé Canada London Ice Cream Factory.

Nestlé Canada London Ice Cream Factory

The London Ice Cream factory counts over 500 employees who produce Canada’s favourite ice cream and frozen dessert brands, including Real Dairy, Parlour, Häagen-Dazs, Drumsticks and Skinny Cow.
The giant cone was inspired by the Drumstick, a Canadian icon. Nestlé Drumstick is the number one cone brand in Canada. Over 54 million cones are made each year in London, Ontario which, when laid out in a line, would cover the distance across Canada from coast-to-coast 1.5 times.
After years of innovation, Drumstick now comes in a number of formats and over a dozen flavours, from Regular size to King Size and Lil’Drums mini cones, in the original Vanilla to new Sweet ‘n Salty Caramel and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Details about the ice cream cone:

• 3.36 meters high
• 114.2 cm diameter
• 700 kg (cone wafer is alone approx. 70kg)
• 1200 litres of ice cream
• 11’000 scoops will be made out of it
• Strawberry flavour

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