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The Art of Break Taking - Kit Kat releases new campaign focused on breaks

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Toronto, ON

Kit Kat wants all Canadians to take more breaks, so the brand is encouraging consumers to reclaim their breaks through a new campaign called The Art of Break Taking.

“We know Canadians value breaks. Unfortunately, we learned through extensive consumer research that most Canadians are not taking enough of them,” says Lily Wen, Marketing Manager, Nestlé Canada. “Since Kit Kat has always been a proud supporter of breaks, this campaign was a natural fit for the brand and a great opportunity to help Canadians take a break.”

The Art of Break Taking is a multimedia strategy aimed at empowering Canadians to create their breaks, no matter how busy or time-crunched they think they are. The integrated campaign, developed by Toronto-based OneMethod, incorporates national advertising, social media and digital elements into what is one of the brand’s most innovative and unique communication campaigns to date.    

Kit Kat hopes that by giving Canadians the tips, tools and ideas on break taking, they will learn how to get better at taking them. One of the online tools, Kit Kat Break Assist, gives users a way to break out of any situation that might be impeding their break-taking,” says Wen. “Simply enter a mobile number through, follow the instructions and the Kit Kat Break Assist app will call back with exactly what to say to step away for a well-deserved break.”

Another key element of the campaign is a consumer promotion, called Master the Art of Break Taking, which begins later this spring. Master the Art of Break Taking is a contest featuring the ultimate break as the main prize – a trip to Bora Bora.

“We wanted to reward a Kit Kat fan, and what could be better than a trip to Bora Bora,” says Wen. “The lucky winner will experience the ultimate break, relaxing in luxury accommodations in a tropical destination.”