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Consumer Research and Cheques Fraud

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Nestlé Canada takes brand and consumer protection seriously. Recently, we became aware of fraudulent letters sent to consumers requesting personal information with a promise of financial gain. The reported cases identify a letter titled “Nestlé Canada Inc Research Program” which states that the consumer has been selected to participate in a Customer Research/Mystery shopper program. A cheque in the name of the recipient is also enclosed with the letter. Consumers are then asked to contact a supposed Research Associate to cash the enclosed cheque. 

Please be informed that these are fraudulent letters and cheques and we suggest that you not engage, and contact your local authorities. Nestlé Canada has advised the authorities who are investigating the issue.

Nestlé Canada does not do business this way. We are in no way associated with these letters and cheques. Our name is being used fraudulently and without permission. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THESE TEXT MESSAGES, EMAILS OR LETTERS WITH ANY INFORMATION.  

For more information or to report an incident, please contact us at 1-800-387-4636. 

We also recommend you report the incident to your local police.