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What’s new at Nestlé Canada

New productsIt’s said the only constant in life is change – and that’s especially true around here these days! We’ve been busy working to bring Canadians the latest products – and offering Canadians products they already know and love in some interesting new locations. Here’s a roundup of some Nestlé Canada news.  


One of our newest brands to launch in Canada isn’t new at all – in fact, Maggi is a worldwide favourite with a great global history. While Nestlé acquired the Maggi brand in 1947, it was originally established in Switzerland in 1863 when Julius Maggi created a recipe of flavours to bring added taste to meals. Over the years consumers have come to know and trust the Maggi brand for its high quality, convenience and nutrition.

“We’re really excited to be launching Maggi in a more comprehensive way in Canada,” says Rob Morris, Business Development, Global Appetite. “Certain Maggi products have been available here for awhile, but it’s time to bring the true Maggi experience to people all across the country.”

Although there are a number of new Maggi products set to hit the shelves in the very near future, the South Asian portfolio is likely to be a particularly huge hit. “2 Minute Noodles is an extremely popular snack all over the world, particularly in places like India, where it’s a true consumer favourite,” says Morris. “With three authentic flavours coming to Canada this fall, including Masala, Chatapata and Curry, it’s an authentic, spicy, flavoured noodle soup which offers a real taste of India  – and it’s ready to eat in just two minutes.”

Check out your local grocery and convenience stores for exciting new Maggi products arriving soon. And in the meantime, become a fan on Facebook: and read more about Maggi in Canada at, where you’ll find recipes, product info, contests and other exciting updates.


Rowntree is another classic well known to many Canadians. While their confectionery products have been around for more than 150 years, this year marks the return of a wider range of Rowntree treats to Canada, led by Frutips in four exotic flavours.

Starting this fall, two of the most iconic Rowntree products Rowntree Pick& Mix and Fruit Pastilles will be available in select Walmart stores in a 550 gram gift box. Just in time for the holidays, Rowntree gift baskets will also be available in-store – perfect for every candy lover on your list!

M&M Meat Shops, the Rogers Centre and Sheridan Nurseries  

In addition to these new Nestlé brands landing in Canada, Nestlé products can now be found in new locations as well.

“This year we’ve partnered with M&M Meat Shops to bring Canadians a fun surprise when they’re at the M&M checkout,” says Shaun Conroy, New Business Development Manager, Nestlé Canada. “Starting in October you’ll find Nestlé products in every M&M store across the country. Keep an eye out great promotions and the chance to participate in the Team Up With Nestlé contest, currently running until December 2, 2012” says Conroy.  

“We’ve also recently launched our confectionery products at the Rogers Centre,” says Conroy. “Now the 3.5 million guests who visit this celebrated Toronto entertainment venue each year will have the chance to enjoy a Kit Kat, Smarties, Aero or Coffee Crisp along with their baseball game or concert.”
And just in time for the holiday season, Nestlé products will once again be available in Sheridan Nurseries around the Greater Toronto Area. “Having our products in every Sheridan Garden Centre throughout the holidays proved to be a great success last year,” says Conroy. “This year we’ll be back again, but in an even bigger way.”