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Nestlé science makes less sugar taste just as good

Sugar Reduction

Imagine if your favourite chocolate bar tasted just as good, but with much less sugar.

This could soon be a reality. Using only natural ingredients, Nestlé researchers have found a way to structure sugar differently. So even when much less is used in chocolate, your tongue perceives an almost identical sweetness to before.

The new faster dissolving sugar will enable Nestlé to significantly reduce the total sugar in its confectionery products, while maintaining great taste.

“This truly groundbreaking research is inspired by nature and has the potential to reduce total sugar by up to 40% in our confectionery,” said Stefan Catsicas, Nestlé Chief Technology Officer.

“Our scientists have discovered a completely new way to use a traditional, natural ingredient.”

Nestlé is patenting its findings and will begin to use the new sugar across a range of its confectionery products from 2018 onwards.

The research will accelerate Nestlé’s efforts to meet its continued public commitment to reducing sugar in its products

It is one of a wide range of commitments the company has made on nutrition. This includes improving the nutritional profile of its products by reducing the amount of sugar, salt and saturated fat they contain, while increasing the amount of vitamins, minerals and whole grains.