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PowerBar Protein Plus - a delicious way to complete your exercise regimen!

PowerBar Protein Plus Protein Bars


 PowerBar ProteinPlus® protein bars have been reformulated to give athletes exactly what they want:

  • 20 grams of quality protein, to help build lean muscle
  • A great new taste and texture

Quality protein
The new PowerBar ProteinPlus® protein bars contain 20 grams of proprietary PowerBar®TriSource™ protein which provide essential muscle-building amino acids. Optimal muscle build takes place over time. The Trisource™ protein blend contains three high quality proteins (soy, calcium caseinate and whey) that are designed to be digested at different rates and therefore favour this process.
New taste and texture protein bars now available
These new bars offer a delicious taste, a pleasing soft texture and are available in the same top four flavours PowerBar currently offers: Fudge Brownie, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Vanilla Yogurt and Cookies & Cream. At 210 calories for each bar, PowerBar ProteinPlus® protein bars are a great way to complete your exercise regimen, especially after you’ve given it your all!  

For more information visit or follow PowerBar on Facebook and @PowerBarCanada on Twitter. PowerBar is backed by Nestlé’s worldwide leadership in nutritional science.