Nutrition Facts Education Campaign launches

Nutrition Facts Education Campaign launches

In Canada, Nestlé supports the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign, an innovative collaboration between Health Canada, Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) and the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG). The goal is to help Canadians better understand and use the Nutrition Facts table on packaged foods and make informed food choices for themselves and their families.

The campaign’s theme, “Focus on the Facts” encourages Canadians – especially parents of children two to 12 – to use the Nutrition Facts table on packaged foods to compare similar foods. By doing this, consumers can choose foods that have more of the nutrients they want to consume, such as fibre and calcium, and less of those they don’t want, such as saturated, trans fat and sodium.

The Nutrition Facts Education Campaign is a creative response to recent research that showed that while many Canadians recognize the importance of including food nutrient information on products, there is still confusion as to how to use the labels.

The campaign is being spread through on-pack messaging, promoted on in-store materials, a social media campaign, an online contest at, advertising and more.

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