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New Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink is nutrition that moves with your toddler

Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink

Gerber Graduates Toddler DrinkBecause toddlers have up and down food preferences, Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink was developed specifically for on-the-go toddlers to help provide wholesome nutrition they need to grow up healthy and strong. This exciting new beverage with probiotics is the first of its kind in Canada and NOW available on shelves across the country.

A daily serving of Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink can help fill nutritional gaps or give toddlers a wholesome boost, so parents can feel good about their nutrition every day! The product features:


  • 28 nutrients including 25 vitamins and minerals – to help support toddler growth and development, including:
    • Calcium and Vitamin D for strong bones and teeth
    • Iron to help build red blood cells
  • Delicious, kid-approved taste – yummy vanilla flavour to help support your toddler’s everyday, good nutrition with a taste they’ll love
  • Probiotic B. lactis – the only toddler drink with B. lactis, which contributes to your toddler’s healthy digestive tract flora with 1 billion B. lactis per 200 ml serving


Part of the Nestlé Start Healthy, Stay Healthy nutrition system, Gerber Graduates Toddler Drink is a great complement to a healthy diet. Visit to learn more about Start Health, Stay Healthy.