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Nestlé Materna finds that Canadian women may have ‘baby brain’ when it comes to prenatal nutrition

Pregnant mom and child

Birth order is a hot topic – with everyone from eldest siblings to the baby of the family wondering how their family rank may have affected many aspects of their life.

Now a new Canadian survey finds that older siblings may have leg up in terms of prenatal nutrition, as their mothers are more likely to take precautions and better care of themselves during their first pregnancy compared to later pregnancies.

Canadian moms more likely to forget to take folic acid in their later pregnancies

When it comes to getting lots of rest, restricting foods like sushi, deli meats, unpasteurized cheeses, and adapting a more ‘natural’ beauty routine,  the new Nestlé Materna Prenatal Poll found that first-time moms are more diligent.

This is also true when it comes to the number of women who take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid, which sees a 13 per cent drop by the third and later pregnancies.

“In my experience, moms tend to relax with each pregnancy,” says parenting expert and mom of four Maureen Dennis. “When life is busy, it’s not as easy to find time to rest or exercise. I say pick the things that are most important and make the time. But for moms who are planning to or could become pregnant, a top priority should definitely be taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid.”

Healthy babies start with healthy moms

The Prenatal Poll also showed the majority of Canadian women know pregnant women should take a daily prenatal vitamin containing folic acid . Yet knowledge is low when it comes to the fact that women should take folic acid 12 weeks before they become pregnant   – the recommendation from Canadian experts to help prevent neural tube defects  such as spina bifida, which may occur very early in pregnancy. 

Family physician Dr. Vivien Brown says taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid isn’t a habit women can afford to skip: “This is an alarming trend because half of all pregnancies are unplanned  and even for planned pregnancies, women often don’t know they are pregnant until they are at least four weeks along in their pregnancy.”

Materna provides nutritional support before, during and after pregnancy

Nestlé Materna is specifically designed for preconception, pregnant and breastfeeding women to support their health and the healthy development of their growing baby. It’s a complete prenatal multivitamin that contains 23 essential nutrients to help ensure good nutritional support – including higher levels of folic acid and iron than a regular multivitamin.

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