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Nestlé Drumstick featured on Food Factory

Nestle Drumstick featured on Food Factory

Ever wondered how the iconic Nestlé Drumstick is made? Interested in finding out how ingredients come together to create your favourite frozen dessert? The wait is now over!

On November 7, Nestlé Drumstick made its television debut on a new episode of Food Factory, which aired on Food Network Canada. The episode features the Nestlé Drumstick Strawberry Cheesecake – a flavour that originally launched as a limited edition, but was brought back by popular demand.

Food Factory provides a behind-the-scenes view of production lines to find out how some of the most-popular food items are really made. Now you can go behind the scenes and learn more about Canada’s number one cone brand.

“Nestlé Canada is very excited to open the doors of our Ice Cream Factory in London, Ontario to showcase the full production process of the all Canadian-made fan favourite,” says Jane Mackasey, Vice-President Marketing, Ice Cream. “We’re revealing all the special details that make this popular treat come to life!”

In case you missed it watch the full episode online or tune into Food Factory on Food Network Canada.