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Nestlé Canada celebrates World Water Day

Nestlé Waters Canada a proud sponsor of Project WET Canada
Nestle Canada celebrates World Water Day

World Water Day, celebrated on March 22, is an international observance and an opportunity to learn more about water-related issues, be inspired to increase awareness and take action to make a difference.

In the spirit of World Water Day, Nestlé Waters Canada is proud to announce that it is now a funding partner of Project WET in Ontario. The mission of Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) is to reach children, parents, teachers and community members to promote water education and empower action to solve water-related issues. Through its partnership, Nestlé Waters Canada is supporting the education of Ontario youth about the importance of water stewardship.

“Project WET Canada is very pleased to have received the grant funding from Nestlé Waters Canada. We will now have the resources to support the work of our Project WET facilitators in Ontario to reach even more in-service and pre-service teachers and non-formal environmental educators,” said Russell Boals, Project WET Canada Director.

The sponsorship will provide a minimum of five workshops to be held this spring in Ontario, as well as a Facilitator Leadership Workshop this summer. As part of the program, Project WET 2.0 offers a hands-on water education program, designed to educate students from kindergarten to grade 12. In addition, the multi-year funding will support the Canada-wide introduction of the new French Projet WET instructional materials in Francophone and French Immersion schools starting in the 2016-17 academic year.

“At Nestlé Waters Canada, we share the belief that ground water is a critical natural resource that needs to be sustained and managed responsibly to ensure its long term-sustainability and availability,” said Andreanne Simard, Natural Resource Manager, Nestlé Waters Canada. “We are excited to work with Project WET Canada, which educates and promotes the importance of water to the youth of our country. We’re pleased that the funding will enable more Project WET educational events now and in the upcoming school year.”

Globally, Nestlé has been the largest private donor to the international Project WET Foundation for decades. Project WET reaches millions of children in more than 50 countries across every continent, and works in partnership with UNESCO, USAID, the World Meteorological Organization and the World Water Council.

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