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Nestlé Canada celebrates National Nutrition Month

Nestle Canada celebrates National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month and this year, the Dietitians of Canada campaign is dedicated to supporting Canadians in making small changes – one meal at a time. The goal of the campaign is to provide information and guidance to make it a little easier for Canadians to choose, eat and enjoy healthy food.

Every month, Canadians consume an average of 100 meals. That’s 100 opportunities to make healthier choices. Dietitians of Canada is inviting all Canadians to take the pledge and join the 100 meal journey by visiting By taking the pledge, you’ll have access to weekly tips, strategies and ideas to help inspire positive changes to meals and snacks.

At Nestlé Canada, we support Nutrition Month by sharing healthy eating tips and encouraging our employees to take an active role in their own health and wellness.

Globally, nutrition has been at the heart of the Nestlé business for 150 years – helping generations of people live healthy, happy lives. Today, Nestlé is adapting to meet the changing needs of consumers and is on a continuous journey of improvement to be the leading nutrition, health and wellness company in Canada.

From the inside out, Nutrition, Health and Wellness is at the core of everything we do at Nestlé.  By the end of 2016, Nestlé has committed to improving the nutritional profile of our products by:

  • A 10 % reduction in sodium, saturated fat and sugar by volume across our portfolio Meeting Health Canada’s sodium reduction targets
  • Nestlé Canada is also committed to helping consumers make informed food choices for themselves and their families. As of 2015, portion guidance communications are available on the majority of Nestlé Canada’s children and family products. Also, by the end of 2016, all products will display Guideline Daily Amounts for calories on the front of packaging.

Visit to take the pledge to make small changes one meal at a time. Click here to learn more about what Nutrition, Health and Wellness means at Nestlé Canada.