How do you beat the summer heat?

How do you beat the summer heat?

Nestlé Drumstick – now with an even bigger chocolatey nugget!Summer has only just begun, and already it’s proving to be a hot one. Finding your favourite treat is a great way to beat the summer heat – and we know summer and frozen treats mean good times for all.

Nestlé Drumstick has been a perennial top choice for ice cream, and this year, when you unwrap a Drumstick cone, you’ll find an exciting chocolatey surprise at the bottom: a larger chocolatey nugget.

“Drumstick has been a family favourite for over 80 years,” says Jackie Brenkel, Marketing Manager, Drumstick at Nestlé Canada. “And while Canadians know and love Drumstick just the way it is, we felt it was still possible to increase everyone’s enjoyment of this tradition.”

So while you make your way through the creamy taste of a Drumstick, with its crispy sugar cone, crunchy roasted peanuts and rich chocolatey coating you know and love, you’ll now find an even bigger chocolatey nugget. It’s pure delight when you make your way from the top to the tip of the cone. And who doesn’t love more chocolate!

“After months of research, product testing and taste testing, we concluded that increasing the size of the chocolatey nugget would mean an even better Drumstick experience for everyone. The new bigger nugget is just bursting with yumminess,” says Brenkel. “If you’re a chocolate lover, try one today – you won’t be disappointed!”

For smaller appetites and snacking, check out Mini Drumstick cones – mini versions of the classic, offering the same great taste at just 110 calories each.

Nothing unwraps summer fun like a Drumstick!