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Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations – Inspired by you

Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations
Lean Cuisine has long been a Canadian favourite: well-known and well-loved by people across the country for almost 30 years. And this year, we’re excited to introduce Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations, a new line of six delicious entrees set to thrill Lean Cuisine fans everywhere.

“Our consumers helped us shape Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations,” says Deana Zaghloul, Marketing Manager, Nestlé Canada. “We engaged them in every step of the process, from recipe selection to the design and functionality of the tray. Consumers told us what they wanted – and we listened. The result is a Canadian innovation we are confident consumers will love.”

Unique Simmer and Steam design
Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations was designed to provide Canadians with the freshest looking and freshest tasting frozen meal.

“Through extensive consumer research and testing we developed our unique simmer and steam design,” says Zaghloul. “This design allows each ingredient to be cooked the way it’s meant to be cooked.  The meat or seafood simmers in sauce in the upper tray, keeping it moist and flavourful, while the vegetables and rice or pasta steam in the lower tray, locking in their fresh taste and texture.”

Customization is key
The portions still fit within the Lean Cuisine standard for a low calorie, portion controlled meal and the quality of the meat and vegetables is outstanding.

“Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations puts the consumer in control by providing them with frozen meals they can easily customize, by adding as little or as much sauce as they like,” says Zaghloul.

Now available in a store near you!
The six Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations varieties, Chicken Teriyaki, Roast Garlic Chicken, Thai Chicken, Mediterranean Chicken, Chili Lime Beef and Shrimp Alfredo, are now available in-store.  Go out and try one today!

Be sure to join the Lean Cuisine Facebook community to share your thoughts on Fresh Inspirations, visit for product information and updates and watch the Fresh Inspirations video on Youtube.