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Healthy Kids Quest and Food Preservation Exhibit launch at Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in partnership with Nestlé Canada

Nestle Canada employees and food exhibit logo

Nestlé Canada is proud to introduce the Healthy Kids Quest and a new exhibit called Food Preservation: The Science You Eat in partnership with the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum (CAFM). These new programs are designed to help kids learn about food and healthy lifestyle choices. 

“At Nestlé Canada, we’re passionate about food and food science, and we focus on using our expertise in these areas to provide the best food and beverage products to nourish Canadians,” says Shelley Martin, President and CEO, Nestlé Canada Inc. “We want to ensure Canadian consumers have the information and resources they need to make informed food choices, which is why we’ve partnered with the CAFM on two significant initiatives, the Healthy Kids Quest and Food Preservation: The Science You Eat.”

The Healthy Kids Quest

The Healthy Kids Quest, created by the CAFM with support from Nestlé Canada and the Government of Canada, is a free program made up of a series of fun and challenging activities for teachers and community leaders to take on with their students.

It is designed to empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices through six themed lesson plans that focus on nutrition and physical activity. The Healthy Kids Quest can be downloaded from the CAFM website and meets cross-curricular requirements for grades one to three. The lesson plans are suited to curricula across all of Canada’s provinces and territories.

“As the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company worldwide, Nestlé is committed to helping Canadians live happier, healthier lives,” says Martin. “We’re very proud of the Healthy Kids Quest that will provide kids across Canada with valuable learning and help set the stage for a healthy, active life.”

Food Preservation: The Science You Eat

Food Preservation: The Science You Eat is a new exhibition recently opened at the CAFM, highlighting the role science plays in delaying food decay and keeping food nutritious and safe, from farm to fork. The exhibition explores how science helps us to understand why food decays, and how we can extend its shelf life.

In this interactive museum experience, developed by the CAFM and sponsored by Nestlé Canada, visitors can explore the fascinating world of food preservation both at home and in larger scale operations. One can uncover the scientific reason why long-used methods of food preservation are still in use today, and discover new innovations that will affect our food choices into the future. For more about the exhibit, visit the CAFM.

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