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Nestlé Canada launches the Food Bank Nutrition Education Program

Food Banks Nutrition Education ProgramEvery month, close to 900,000 Canadians turn to a food bank to make ends meet. Even more staggering is the fact that children make up 38 per cent of those who rely on food banks here in Canada.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for families who shop at food banks to access the ingredients required to prepare healthy meals. It can also be difficult to access information on how best to supplement their shopping lists with nutritious items that are within budget.

Food Banks Nutrition Education Program has health, and budget, in mind

In response to this situation, Nestlé Canada has partnered with Food Banks Canada to develop the Food Banks Nutrition Education Program. This program is designed to educate staff and clients of food banks on the basics of good nutrition and balanced eating, as well as provide simple tips on preparing nutritious, budget-conscious food for the whole family. 

“Food is the fuel that keeps the body going and provides the essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy,” says Jyotika Desai, Nestlé Nutrition Specialist and Registered Dietitian. “No matter where you shop for groceries, understanding the basics of nutrition is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Video, factsheet help guide Canadian families on how to make nutritious choices

The team, consisting of Nestlé Canada and Food Banks Canada staff, has developed a 10-minute video, available in both English and French, which is being supplied to more than 450 food banks across the country. The video outlines how to make healthy and responsible food choices, even on a very minimal budget.  A simple factsheet has also been developed, offering food bank staff and their clients additional take-home tips on nutrition for the whole family.

"Nestlé Canada is committed to promoting nutrition, health and wellness in the communities that we all share, with a specific focus on partnering with charities that advance children’s nutrition education and activity,” says Maureen Hart, Corporate Affairs Manager and leader of Charitable Partnerships. “Creating this program with Food Banks Canada has allowed us to lend our expertise in a way that will benefit the health of families across the country.”

Please download a copy of the factsheet.
For more information on Food Banks Canada or for tips on how you can help with Hunger Awareness Week, please visit or your local food bank.