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Focus on Family Wellness

February Nutrition Health and Wellness

Embrace winter! Take time to re-connect with your loved ones. Trying a new winter activity or sharing quality time together in the kitchen can create great bonding time!

Bonding in the Kitchen

If you’re looking for an easy way to spend more time with your kids, look no further than your own kitchen.  No fancy equipment or expensive memberships are required!

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Don't Hibernate...Get Active this Winter!

Staying active as a family can help keep everyone’s hearts, bodies and minds healthy.  So don’t let the cold weather keep your family on the couch this winter!  Embracing the season as a family also lets busy parents stay active and spend time with their kids – a great way to get the best of both worlds.

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Eat Together!

It doesn’t matter who you consider your family to be, sitting down with loved ones for a meal has many surprising benefits.

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Food For Thought: Myth or Truth?

Do you feel bombarded with nutrition information and have a hard time telling fact from fiction? To help you, here is the truth behind some common food and nutrition myths.

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