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Delissio redefines pizza night 

New Delissio pizza

Delissio is a family favourite that made a mark on frozen pizza by bringing Canadians great tasting, rising crust pizzas that bake up fresh at home, rivaling the taste and quality of delivery pizza. 

Now, Delissio is set to revolutionize frozen pizza once again with the introduction of new Delissio Vintage Pizzeria.

New Delissio Vintage Pizzeria

“The launch of Delissio Vintage Pizzeria is the biggest innovation in frozen pizza since the launch of Delissio Rising Crust,” says Mike Embir, Marketing Manager, Nestlé Canada. “Using a unique and proprietary process, we’re able to deliver a truly authentic pizzeria-style pizza. This new pizza is so good you won’t believe you found it at the grocery store.”

Delissio Vintage Pizzeria will elevate your pizza night experience. With four varieties to choose from – pepperoni, deluxe, three meat, and four cheese – there is an option to please every pizza fan.

Ground-breaking innovation and renovation

While the new Delissio Vintage Pizzeria is a great addition to the Delissio family, all pizzas in the Delissio portfolio are being re-vamped. 

“We are making changes to improve all our pizzas,” says Embir. “Our traditional Delissio Rising Crust and Thin Crispy Crust lines will see minor changes in the sauce, crust and toppings aimed at improving overall balance and flavour, while working towards reducing sodium.”

Another innovation that’s sure to become a new family favourite is the Delissio Garlic Dipping Bites pizza. It has the same great taste as the former Delissio Garlic Bread pizza, but the redesigned format now has a crust made out of pull-apart garlic bites and marinara dipping sauce on the side for added fun.

Delissio gets a new look

With all these great changes happening inside the box, it was also time to update what’s outside the box.

“We want to communicate these exciting changes and make it easier for busy families to find exactly what they’re looking for when grocery shopping, so we have made a number of changes to the packaging,” says Embir. “One of the most useful updates for shoppers will be the crust profile on each box.”

All varieties of Delissio now feature an image that shows the thickness and type of pizza crust.
Added Embir: “We know each consumer is looking for something different in their Delissio pizza. Some occasions call for a more substantial and filling crust, while others might call for a lighter, thin and crispy crust. The changes we’ve made on pack reflect these differences between our pizzas and will help consumers find exactly what they’re looking for in the frozen pizza aisle.”

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