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Coffee Crisp, the iconic Canadian original, celebrates its 75th anniversary

Coffee Crisp 75th anniversary

75 years ago an iconic Canadian treat was born. Coffee Crisp, with its delicious combination of rich chocolaty taste, smooth coffee flavour and crispy wafer, has been delighting Canadians since 1939.

By 1948 Coffee Crisp was one of Canada’s most popular confectionery products, a position it has maintained throughout the years.

Coffee Crisp is a uniquely Canadian treat,” says Tiffany Ho, Marketing Manager at Nestlé Canada. “Not only was it created in Canada 75 years ago, but we continue to produce the bar locally as well.”

New limited edition Latte bar

Throughout the years Coffee Crisp has released a number of different flavours and formats, including Coffee Crisp bites, which have become one of Canadians’ favourite sharing products, and treat size bars, which are produced in our peanut-free facility and carry our peanut-free promise.

The first limited edition flavour of a Coffee Crisp bar, Coffee Crisp Triple Chocolate, was launched in 1998. Since then, Canadians have been treated to a variety of limited edition Coffee Crisp flavours including Orange, Raspberry, French Vanilla, Mocha and Café Caramel.

“As part of Coffee Crisp’s 75th anniversary we wanted to celebrate with Canadians by offering a new limited edition flavour,” says Ho. “To create this new treat we looked to the coffee products Canadians love and came up with this recipe for a new twist on a classic. The Coffee Crisp latte bar features crispy chocolate wafer with layers of milky latte-flavoured cream, covered in a light chocolatey coating.”

Celebrate 75 years with Coffee Crisp

To continue the celebration with Canadians, Coffee Crisp also launched a 75th anniversary contest based on unique Canadian moments. Coffee Crisp is giving Canadians the chance to win one of three Canadian experiences valued at $10,000 each.

“Since we’re a uniquely Canadian classic we wanted to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of our country with Canadians,” says Ho. “There are so many reasons to celebrate our amazing country and this contest aims to remind Canadians of what makes us special, while encouraging conversation about what makes us unique. Just like there’s no place like home, there’s no bar quite like a Coffee Crisp.”

For more information:

  • Visit for more information on the 75th anniversary contest and the history of Coffee Crisp in Canada
  • Coffee Crisp has partnered with Maclean’s Magazine and Breakfast Television to bring Canadians 75 uniquely Canadian moments. Visit the Maclean’s Magazine and Breakfast Televsion websites to learn more.