Celebrate Diwali with the new Quality Street tin

Celebrate Diwali with the new Quality Street tin

Quality Street chocolates and caramels are now available in a new special Quality Street 550g celebration tin, featuring a beautiful and intricate design inspired by Diwali.

Quality Street tins are an excellent choice for sharing, gifting and celebrating with friends and family,” says Aahona Banerjee, Marketing Manager, Nestlé Canada. “Not only is Quality Street the number one chocolate sold at Christmas, it also plays an intrinsic role in making cultural celebrations special with the South Asian communities.”

The new Quality Street tin retails for about $15.99 and contains an assortment of imported chocolates and caramels, each individually wrapped in bright jewel colours, making it an excellent gift choice that is sure to make any Diwali celebration even brighter.

For the past few years, Quality Street has celebrated Diwali with the South Asian community. These new tins will spark joy and excitement during this holiday as the perfect gift for family and friends to share.

On November 14, Nestlé Canada will showcase the festive tin at DEEWA – The Festival of Lights, a free indoor event at the Living Arts Centre celebrating South Asian entertainment, activities, and fashion.

Diwali is one of the most well-known South Asian festivals. It is known as the 'festival of lights' because houses, shops and public places are decorated with diyas, candles and colourful lights on this occasion. In Canada, as in India, the festival is a time for spring-cleaning, wearing new clothes, and exchanging gifts, sweets and chocolates.

For more information, please visit diwali.qualitystreet.ca/