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Celebrate Diwali with Quality Street

Diwali Quality Street tinTo celebrate Diwali, the South Asian ‘festival of lights’ this November, Nestlé Canada introduces the Quality Street Diwali gift tin. A popular selection of individual chocolates and caramels, Quality Street is an excellent gift choice for celebrations and events.

“Recognizing the perfect fit between Quality Street chocolates and Diwali, we thought of offering it as a great gifting option during the festival of lights,” said Scott McLean, of Nestlé Canada Confectionery marketing. “This is the first such offering by any leading confectionery brand in Canada around Diwali.  We are quite pleased to introduce the Quality Street Diwali gift tin to nearly 1.5 million Indo-Canadians.”     

The Quality Street Diwali 725g gift tin is available at select Walmart stores in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, and at select Save-On-Foods locations. Further details and the list of participating stores may be found at

Diwali is one of the most well-known South Asian festivals. It is known as the 'festival of lights' because houses, shops and public places are decorated with diyas, candles and colourful lights on this occasion. In Canada, as in India, the festival is a time for spring-cleaning, wearing new clothes, and exchanging gifts, sweets and chocolates.