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Tips to make your summer red-hot!

Tips to make your summer red-hot!

Summer is officially here, and with the kids out of school, nothing’s better for family bonding than some good old-fashioned outdoor activities. Physical activity not only provides many health benefits, it also adds fun to your day!

There’s something about being active outside and enjoying the sun that can instantly brighten your mood. So grab some sunscreen and a hat, and get outside to enjoy some fun activities with your friends and family!

Here are six outdoor activities that offer fun for everyone:

1) Cookout: salad bar edition

Similar to a barbecue but with a veggie twist, invite family or friends over and ask them to each contribute a salad ingredient. Encourage them to bring exotic tastes to try, such as artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, avocadoes, mangoes or walnuts. Place ingredients on a table - buffet style - and enjoy making your own custom-made, delicious salad in the company of family and friends.

2) Field trip to the farm

Take your family to a local farm for some outdoor family fun!  Shop and learn about fruits and veggies grown close to home, feed farm animals, or even try picking your own in-season fruits or veggies. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about where their food comes from, while being active as a family.

3) Water fight

This activity is not only great for kids but may also be enjoyed by adults on a hot summer day. Visit your local toy store for water balloons and super soakers. Have fun soaking your friends in the comfort of your own backyard. Just make sure you have some towels handy!

4) Be creative: make your own sport equipment

To make your own bean bag grab two pieces of fabric, pins, a needle and thread, and dried beans for filling. Sew the fabric pieces together, pour in the filling, sew up the bag, then decorate! This kid-friendly activity is great for those with an artistic flare. Then, you can use your unique bean bag for a fun workout or obstacle course. For more ideas on how to turn the outdoors into your ultimate playground, visit the City of Toronto's website.

5) Dance party!

Don’t let the occasional summer shower bring you down. Take the party inside and have a dance off with your friends and family. Dancing is suitable and fun for all ages – it helps children with balance and coordination and is an easy way to get everybody moving! What are you waiting for? Get tapping, twisting and twirling!

6) Nature watch

Become reacquainted with nature by taking a hike on a trail in your neighbourhood. Bring the kids, your four-legged friends and a camera to capture your adventures. Keep an eye out for birds and insects along the way.