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Aero wins Best New Product Award and introduces two new flavours

New Aero Caramel and Strawberry

Aero is kicking off 2014 by introducing two new flavours and celebrating a Best New Product Award from Canadian Living for the new Aero Big Bubble bars launched in Canada in 2013.

Two new flavours – Caramel and Strawberry

The newest flavours to join the Aero lineup, Caramel and Strawberry, were developed locally with Canadian palates in mind. Product development began at the Nestlé Canada chocolate factory in Toronto, where careful research and testing took place.

“There’s a lot that goes into new product development,” says Eryn Pasut, Marketing Manager at Nestlé Canada. “From investing in and installing new factory equipment to sourcing the best ingredients for these particular recipes, there’s an entire team of people working behind the scenes to deliver these outstanding new Aero flavours.”

The team worked through numerous versions of possible recipes, testing different flavour combinations along the way. Throughout the process, the new flavours had to pass rigorous testing with both consumers and an expert sensory panel.

“As with every new product we develop, we listen to what our consumers want and are committed to delivering the best possible product experience every time,” says Pasut. “The new Caramel and Strawberry Aero bars are made with only natural flavours, and we feel they offer Canadian consumers a unique treat.”

Best New Product Award for Chocolate from Canadian Living

Three flavours of Aero Big Bubble Bars were recently awarded a 2014 Best New Product Award in the Chocolate category in Canada’s largest consumer study, the annual BrandSpark Canadian Shopper Study presented by Canadian Living.

Launched in 2013, the three award-winning flavours of this beloved bar are Milk, Truffle, and Duo, which is a mix of dark and milk chocolate.

More than 85,000 Canadians participated in the study, voting for 88 different products in the Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Household and Kids categories. Winning products were 100 per cent determined by survey results. To see the full listing of the 2014 Best New Product Award winners click here.