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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the job postings updated on the website regularly?

The job postings are maintained and updated in real-time. We encourage you to check on a regular basis, as new positions can be posted at anytime.
Should I email or fax my resumé?
We request all applications be submitted via our online application process. This will ensure your resumé is easily accessible to all our recruiters for current and future job opportunities.
Do I need to submit a resumé for each job I am interested in?
Yes, your resumé must be submitted for each job vacancy you are interested in.
How can I confirm you have received my resumé?
An automated response will be sent to you when your online application form has been received. Should there be a match of your qualifications and our employment needs, a recruiter will contact you.
How will I benefit by registering my details?
By registering with us, you'll be able to search for vacancies without having to enter your details each time. You'll also be able to maintain and update your details whenever you want. Registration also allows our recruiters to search the database and potentially match you with any suitable employment opportunity. You will then be notified of the vacancy via email.
How long will my resumé be kept on file?
Resumés will be kept on file for at least one year, however, we suggest whenever there is a change to your resumé (such as a new skill set, upgraded education, or a new position), you should update your profile.

I don't see a vacancy I am interested in. Should I still submit my resumé?
Yes, our business needs can change on a day-to-day basis. We use resumés and online application information stored in our searchable database to search for talent with the appropriate skills, as opportunities arise.
While registering, I received an error message after I typed in my email address: "email address is already reserved; specify a different one." What do I do?
The system will only accept a unique email address once. If you share your email address, you must use a different email address.
What happens to my resumé when I submit it online?
Your resumé and contact information are received electronically by the Nestlé recruiting department where the data is entered into our resumé database for consideration.
What if I forget my password?
Just enter your username and click on "Forgot Password." You will receive your password at the email address we have for your username.
Who will have access to my resumé and personal information?

Your details will only be seen by Nestlé recruiters and the line manager responsible for the specific vacancy you have applied for.

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