Is your water use sustainable?

We are committed to sustainable water management and stewardship.

Our team of hydrogeologists and engineers monitor our groundwater withdrawals daily, as well as associated resource indicators (such as aquifer levels, spring flows, water quality and surface water levels) to ensure long term-sustainability of the watershed and ecosystems.

For instance, in Aberfoyle, we monitor over 80 monitoring points from both on-site and off-site wells, which measures groundwater elevations in different geological formations.

Additionally, when exploring a new spring site, like Middlebrook, we follow a thorough due diligence process which includes extensive hydro-geological studies to understand the long-term sustainability of the source. Our study also accounts for the local community’s long term water supply needs.

Part of our review process on the Middlebrook source includes an aquifer pump test. Our future aquifer test will follow Nestlé’s established practices to promote groundwater sustainability and responsible water resource management. Typically, when applying for a pump test permit, the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) requires a residential well survey within 500 metres to 1 kilometer from the production well.

In the case of the Middlebrook source aquifer test, Nestlé Waters is working with individuals and businesses as far as the neighborhood of Salem, located about 3 kilometers from the evaluated source, to ensure our operations will not have a negative impact on the aquifer.

Our decision to operate in a particular site and the level of water we take is always a science-based decision ensuring the sustainable management of the groundwater resources. If the test results indicate the source is not suitable or poses a negative impact on the aquifer, we will not proceed with our option to purchase the site. 

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