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Renewal of our existing permit to take water in Aberfoyle

Has your permit expired?

Even though our Aberfoyle permit technically expired in July 2016 and Erin in August 2017, under the Government of Ontario’s Water Resources Act we are allowed to operate under the conditions of the current permit until the government makes a decision on the permit renewal applications. We will continue to operate as usual.

We are currently working through the permit application process. In December 2016, the Ontario Government announced several new technical and procedural requirements for water bottlers to complete in their permit renewal applications. We have been working for the past few years to include these new requirements in our permit applications (which include several new scientific evaluations).

What steps will you take to protect the Aberfoyle and Erin water sources and surrounding environment?

Science and data drive all our decision making. We have over 80 monitoring points at Aberfoyle, and over 50 in Erin that provide us with the scientific data we need to make responsible decisions.

We have a detailed and technical monitoring program run by hydrogeology experts from both Nestlé Waters Canada and third-party technical consultants.

We have performed several pump tests, stream temperature surveys, biological monitoring, and installation of muni-piezometers and monitoring wells, single well response testing, downhole geophysical logging and water quality sampling. 

In conjunction with our permit, the results are provided on an ongoing basis to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks, Grand River Conservation Authority and local municipalities. Like our neighbours, we believe in the long-term sustainability of the water source.