Smarties now made with no artificial colours

To Press Releases listToronto, ON,Apr 15, 2009

Famous chocolate covered candy shows off new colours in response to consumer trends

For over 50 years, Canadians of all ages have sucked them slowly, crunched them fast and even used the red ones for pretend lipstick. Today, SMARTIES announced they are now made with no artificial colours.

“SMARTIES are a much-loved heritage brand, but we’re also in tune with evolving consumer attitudes,” says Gary Batey, Director, Confectionery, Nestlé Canada. “The move to no artificial colours fits with the healthier lifestyles trend and greater demand for fewer artificial ingredients.”

The new colours are vibrant, pastel-like versions of the previous colours. Popular SMARTIES colours—red, orange, pink, brown, purple, yellow—are still available. Blue and green SMARTIES are not currently in the new mix, but green is anticipated to be added later in 2009. Nestlé’s research and development team is still developing a non-artificial blue colour that meets the company’s  high quality standards.

“SMARTIES made with no artificial colours give mom one more reason to pick her kids’ favourite treat,” adds Beresford. “Plus, they still have the same great taste and crunch that have made SMARTIES such an enduring favourite for over half a century.”

The change to no artificial colours will be communicated with a prominent ‘No Artificial Colours’ flash on the front of all SMARTIES packaging. As always, SMARTIES are available across Canada at a wide variety of retailers. For more information visit


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