Six million Canadian women say they can’t survive the day without chocolate

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AERO® Guys Just Don’t Get It Survey reveals quirky differences between Canadian men and women — and what they can and can’t live without

Canadian women say there are some days they just can’t survive without chocolate. Men say they don’t want to give up sex. These are just two of the intriguing facts revealed in the first annual AERO Guys Just Don’t Get It Survey. This national poll, commissioned by AERO and completed by Leger Marketing in July, explored many distinctive differences between men and women across Canada, including their fashion and grooming choices, likes and dislikes — and, of course, their love of chocolate.

Women love chocolate, men prefer sex

Nearly half (46 per cent) of all women surveyed felt there are some days they just couldn’t survive without chocolate – that’s six million Canadian women! Only one in five men felt the same way.

When asked what they would be least willing to give up — sex, chocolate or alcohol — men were very decisive. Sex was almost five times more important to men than chocolate, and four times more important than alcohol. Women were not so quick to choose: chocolate and sex were equally important at 40 per cent each. Only one in five women wouldn’t like to give up alcohol.

Are men or women better at multitasking? It depends who you ask!

Ask men if they are born multitaskers and nearly half (49 per cent) will agree. Ask women if men are born multitaskers, and 68 per cent will disagree! Meanwhile, the vast majority of women, 85 per cent, feel they are born multitaskers – and the majority of men, 61 per cent, agree with that statement.

“The AERO Guys Just Don’t Get It Survey gently pokes at some of the quirky differences between Canadian men and women,” said Kate Beresford, Marketing Manager, AERO, as she spoke on the phone and typed on her computer simultaneously. “And as a woman who really can’t go a day without chocolate, the results make complete sense to me.”

Women like to keep their style options open

While 37 per cent of women agreed that it is reasonable to own more than five pairs of black shoes, a mere 15 per cent of men felt the same way.

And for a weekend getaway, women like to keep their style options open — and need a bigger suitcase! Four of five women (82 per cent) are sure to pack three or more outfits for a weekend away – with 18 per cent packing five or more outfits. Men, however, are either quite efficient or rather grubby – with 52 per cent claiming to pack two or fewer outfits for a weekend away.

Women simply cannot have enough grooming products…

While only one in 10 men think it is reasonable to use four products to wash and style their hair, a third of all women surveyed think that is perfectly reasonable. (Then again, the survey did not account for men who had lost their hair…)

When shopping in a drug store’s personal care aisle, 81 per cent of women like to spend more than five minutes shopping, with one in five stating they ‘just love it there’. Men, on the other hand, tend to ‘grab and go’, with two-thirds spending thirty seconds or less in that section of the store, and 11 per cent claiming they spend zero time there.

Just say ‘no’ to bathing suit shopping

Respondents were asked to identify their least favorite activity from a list of four choices: bathing suit shopping; writing thank you notes; putting gas in the car; or going to a musical, such as Cats.

More than half (54 per cent) of Canadian women surveyed said bathing suit shopping is their least favourite thing to do, while 32 per cent of men don’t like that much either. Men similarly dislike writing thank you notes (34 per cent), an activity only 14 per cent of women selected. Number two on women’s ‘dislike list’ was putting gas in the car with 23 per cent disliking this activity, versus 12 per cent of men. As for musicals, while less than one in ten women identified this as their least favorite activity, 22 per cent of men would prefer Cats to be a distant memory.

About the survey

The AERO Guys Just Don’t Get It Survey was commissioned by AERO and completed by Leger Marketing. A total of 1,536 Canadians participated in the survey between June 28 and July 3, 2007. Results are considered accurate to within +/- 2.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

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