Nestlé invites Canadians to celebrate the dark

To Press Releases listToronto, ON,Jan 31, 2008

Debut of a multi-sensorial collection of dark chocolates

As the days begin to get longer and Canadians emerge from the darkest part of the year, many will seek sunny breaks to pass the remainder of the long winter. While surfacing from these darker days it is important not to lose sight of the sweet side of life and seek simple pleasures that can offer a temporary escape from the cold weather outdoors.

To help Canadians obtain an emotional escape and embrace a ‘darker’ pleasure, experienced chocolate manufacturer Nestlé brings Nestlé Noir to Canada. A long-time European favourite, Nestlé Noir offers four tantalizing dark chocolate combinations to suit every palate: Nestlé Noir Intense (70% cocoa), Nestlé Noir Éclat Caramel (64% cocoa and crunchy caramel), Nestlé Noir Cherry (64% cocoa and dried cherry) and Nestlé Noir Éclat Noir (64% cocoa and caramelized coca bean pieces).

“Dark chocolate is the perfect way to add a bit of indulgence to your day, especially during a month where everyone could use a little sensory pick-me-up,” commented chocolate expert Laura White. “With four different dark chocolate flavours to choose from, Nestlé Noir can be the perfect escape depending on what mood you are in.”

Shedding Light on Dark

Celebrating a back to basics approach to chocolate, Nestlé Noir is like slipping into a favourite little black dress, it is something familiar and simplistic that evokes a sense of pleasure. This enjoyment can be directly related to the carefully selected exotic cocoa beans featured in the tablets from two different geographical origins – Ghana and Ecuador.

Produced in the Gruyère Valley at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Nestlé Noir offers intense cocoa flavours combined with the delightful complementary tastes of caramel, cherry and cocoa nibs. Each tablet’s distinct aroma, taste and texture are certain to enlighten all five senses:

Nestlé Noir Éclat Caramel – Combines 64% dark chocolate with pieces of crunchy caramel to deliver a balanced combination of bitter and sweet taste

Nestlé Noir Cherry – Flavour burst of dried cherry, complements the intense dark chocolate, made with 64% cocoa

Nestlé Noir Intense – Made with 70% cocoa, it delivers a rich aroma, crisp snap and smooth balanced flavour

Nestlé Noir Éclat Noir – Marries 64% dark chocolate with caramelized cocoa bean pieces to deliver an intense and textured experience

Enjoyed alone or paired with a bold red wine, dark is in! For good reason too, it is well-documented that dark chocolate contains polyphenols, which may reduce high blood pressure or the risk of atherosclerosis, a disease characterized by thickening of the artery walls.

Experiencing Dark

Whether it is January or August, Nestlé Noir is an ideal way to temporarily escape the daily grind, and chocolate expert, White, has a few simple suggestions to take that dark indulgence to the next step…literally.

“I personally believe chocolate is for tasting all year round, but especially important during the darker months of the year where we may not be outside as much. Dark chocolate has the added benefits of providing an extra boost of antioxidants, magnesium and theobromine, a mild stimulant, something I think we need during the winter months,” commented White. “Tasting dark chocolate, like Nestlé Noir, is a multi-sensorial experience that creates a need to focus on each of the senses throughout the chocolate tasting experience.”

Laura offers the following tips to host a private or group tasting with Nestlé Noir and suggests taking it up a notch by using a blindfold to heighten the tasting experience.

Prepare your senses:

  • Lay a blindfold in front of you and align the four bars in the following tasting order: Éclat Caramel, Cherry, Intense, and Éclat Noir. Open the packaging of each bar

Surrender to the “dark”:

  • Peek from under the blindfold and find the first bar, carefully open the package along the tab lines so the box can be re-sealed for future indulgence
  • Slowly peel the delicate foil, hear the crisp tear as you reveal the dark chocolate, break off a piece and note the intense, crisp snap of the bar
  • Rub the piece of chocolate between your index finger and thumb to release the oils. Take in the intense cocoa aroma of the tablet
  • Bite into the piece and let the chocolate melt on your tongue for 20 seconds, allow it to cover your palate and fill your mouth with the sensual flavours of dark chocolate. Let all your senses and emotions savour the moment
  • Remove the blindfold and cleanse your palate with a bite of unsalted pretzels and sip of still water
  • Repeat for each tablet
  • Return to reality

Nestlé Noir is available at grocery and retail outlets across Canada for a suggested retail price of $3.49 - $3.99 per 100 g tablet.

About Nestlé Canada

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