Looking for fun tonight? Survey pinpoints
the best of Canada’s after 8 p.m. social scene

To Press Releases listToronto, ON,Nov 4, 2007

Top 8 After Eight Survey says restaurants are top pick for a night out

For Canadians, a night on the town is all about food! According to the just-released Top 8 After Eight survey, half of Canadian adults would choose a restaurant when planning a social night out with friends. But clearly Canadians love the night time social scene as well – nine per cent would choose a bar, eight per cent would pick a live music venue and four per cent would hit the dance floor.

The multi-faceted Top 8 After Eight research focused on Canada’s nightlife – what we do and where we go after 8 pm. To I.D. the hottest venues and locales, researchers surveyed Canadians and contacted urban trendsetters – the ones who help set the scene for fun.

“At a true Top 8 After Eight hot spot, you can feel the buzz from the crowd when you walk in the door,” says Stephania Varalli editorial director of Canada’s trend spotting website, Sweetspot.ca. “And what attracts the fun, stylish, in-the-know trendsetters? The perfect combination of tasty food, well-mixed drinks, flawless service, fresh decor and good tunes.”

For Canada’s young adults, a night on the town is more about music, dancing and bars. According to the omnibus survey undertaken as part of the Top 8 After Eight research, half of Canadian adults under 24 years old would pick a live music venue, dance club or bar when planning a social night out with friends. For those older than 25, more than half (55 per cent) would head to a restaurant, and just 16 per cent would select a live music venue, dance club or bar. Regardless of age, only one per cent would select a sport event, though 10 per cent would head to a theatre, and three per cent to a comedy club.

From Greensleeves in St. John’s to Bar None in Vancouver – and points between – the research pinpointed the top eight venues in each of Canada’s major cities and gave the skinny on Canada’s top entertainment districts. Looking for fun tonight? Start here:

George Street – St. John’s
Argyle Street – Halifax
Rue St. Laurent – Montreal
Elgin Street – Ottawa
The Club District – Toronto
The Forks – Winnipeg
Broadway Street – Saskatoon
17th Avenue – Calgary
Old Strathcona (Whyte Avenue) – Edmonton
Kitsilano – Vancouver

“This research was a blast! So what’s the bottom line? It doesn’t matter what city you are in, or who you are with – there is always something to do After Eight!” says Gary Batey, marketing manager, After Eight STRAWS. “And why not cap off a night of fun with the contemporary taste of After Eight STRAWS?"

About the research

The comprehensive research included an omnibus survey of 3,000 Canadians by Decima Research, supplemented by one-on-one interviews with the country’s coolest movers and shakers. Interviewers contacted socialites, well-known radio and television hosts, arts and entertainment columnists, actors, writers and musicians. The research team also tapped into regional networks on popular social networking web sites and cruised up-to-the-minute city-specific blogs.

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