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New Nestlé Noir makes the connection between shape and chocolate pleasure

How does the shape of food affect our gastronomic experiences? When eating spaghetti or penne, we know they are made from the same dough, but because the sauce adheres differently to the pasta, the perceived taste is affected. Wine is another example of how delivery can significantly impact taste and enjoyment. Red wine is best served out of a wider glass to increase the reaction between the liquid and oxygen, opening up the wine’s flavours. While, white wine tastes best out of a glass with a smaller mouth that reduces the surface area. Knowing that shape has a huge impact on the way we experience food, why is chocolate, one of the world’s most decadent foods, commonly served as a flat square?

The square shape is popular with chocolate manufactures out of convenience and technological practicality, but this is about to change. After three years and nearly three dozen ‘test’ shapes, Nestlé’s Creatéurs de Chocolat, the experts behind Nestlé’s chocolate innovation, are proud to announce the revolutionary new shape of Nestlé Noir chocolate tablets. A shape that brings a new meaning and enhanced enjoyment to the chocolate eating experience.

Chocolate Architecture – it’s the shape that matters

Renowned chefs and foodies pay the utmost attention to the presentation of their dishes. Whether layering flavours or playing with the shape and size of the food they are serving, they can pre-determine how the food is broken down in the mouth, and create their dishes for optimal enjoyment. Similarly, Nestlé’s innovative engineers have examined geometric patterns of the palate and adapted Nestlé Noir’s chocolate pieces to comfortably fit inside the mouth and deliver enhanced pleasure.

Janet T. Planet, Innovation Manager at Nestlé explains, “The new dark chocolate shape is best described as a wave. This new curved but angular, smooth shape optimizes the zone of contact in the mouth, enhancing the overall experience.” Planet further explains, “The wave shape hits certain areas of the oral surface improving the melt-in-mouth quality while simultaneously reserving enough space in the mouth for the aroma to enrich the sensorial experience.”

The mouth is exceptionally rich in touch receptors and the physical contact we have with food affects our perception of the way it tastes. As chocolate melts from a solid to a liquid, our interaction with the texture changes enriching the chocolate eating experience.

The Nestlé Chocolate Centre of Excellence (CCE), which opened in Broc, Switzerland in September 2009, brings together some of the world’s greatest skill and expertise in the field, including scientists, chocolatiers and consumer insights specialists, to continue to develop and refine the art of Swiss chocolate-making. This commitment to excellence led to the newly designed bars that offer intense cocoa flavours in an ideal tasting form. Each tablet’s unique taste, flavour and texture are certain to heighten the chocolate eating experience.

Nestlé Noir tablets are available in five sensuous flavours: Éclat Caramel, Intense 70%, Éclat Noir, Sublime 80% and Miel Amandes. The new shape of Nestlé Noir not only impacts the melt-in-your mouth quality but enriches the natural nuances of each of the five flavours. “The sharp dark chocolate wave found in Nestlé Noir tablets facilitates the perfect melting moment allowing one to experience harmony between the intensity of the cocoa along side the smoothness of the chocolate,” comments Planet.

Chocolate – the ultimate ‘slow food’

With busy schedules most people don’t really take the time to enjoy and savour their food. Nestlé Noir’s redesign encourages people to slow down and recognize the benefits of savouring their food, especially chocolate.

“Why rush the enjoyment and pleasure of consuming dark chocolate. It is meant to be savoured to fully appreciate the distinct flavours and aromas,” comments Planet. “The new shape of Nestlé Noir fits comfortably on the palate, allowing you to slow your experience and fully involve your senses, piece by piece.”

To fully appreciate the newly designed Nestlé Noir, Janet T. Planet recommends the following four steps:

  1. Break off a single piece of the tablet. Bring it to your nose and inhale sharply to enjoy a hint of the aroma.
  2. Place the piece in your mouth with the flat side resting on your tongue and the large curve of the wave closest to the back of your mouth.
  3. Close your mouth and allow your tongue to experience the intense flavour and smooth texture as the chocolate melts.
  4. At the moment of swallowing, exhale through your nose to fully appreciate the aroma. Savour the experience before enjoying another piece.

Nestlé Noir will be available at grocery and retail outlets across Canada for a suggested retail price of $3.49 - $3.99 per 100 g tablet.


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