May 8, 2015

Alimentarium Academy: Museum launches online learning platform for kids

Nestlé’s Alimentarium Museum has launched the Alimentarium Academy, an online learning platform developed with the help of Nestlé Research Center scientists and independent specialists.

Through its website and a dedicated mobile app, the museum in Vevey, Switzerland will provide pupils and their teachers with multilingual lessons and courses on food and nutrition-related themes enhanced by games, videos and accompanying activities.

As part of its repositioning as a global centre of excellence dedicated to food and nutrition issues, Alimentarium will reopen in June 2016 following its temporary closure from August 24 and subsequent CHF 19.8 million redevelopment.

A new permanent exhibition, ‘Food, Society and The Body’, will also highlight the museum’s new digital direction, using immersive digital content to tell the story of food composition and production against the backdrop of global food perceptions and eating habits.