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Social Impact Commitments


The aim of our global Youth Initiative is to positively contribute to a whole generation. Alastair Macdonald | Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Creating value in the communities where we live and work has always been a priority for Nestlé. This is our driving force.

Through our products and our corporate actions, we want to make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians. As a business operating in this country for over 95 years, we believe our role is to create jobs, support local businesses and invest in our operations to ensure long-term business growth.


In response to the high global youth unemployment rate, we launched our Youth Initiative in Canada in September 2015. Nestlé Canada’s Youth Initiative is designed to help young Canadians fulfill their ambitions and positively contribute to the growth of the Canadian market and Nestlé. Over the next three years, we will offer more than 5,000 young Canadians the opportunity to develop their professional skills, increase their employability and expand their network.

  • Get Skilled — We are committed to increasing internships by 25 percent over three years.
  • Get Hired — By 2018, we will increase new grad hires by five percent through formalized training programs and entry-level positions.
  • Get Support — We are providing ‘readiness to work activities’ including networking events, career counselling, information sessions and recruitment workshops at universities and colleges. In 2015, Nestlé is also the proud sponsor of the Queen’s University Marketing Case Competition — a national business case competition in which the winning team will secure an internship at Nestlé.
  • Get More Opportunities — We are connecting with our business partners to build an alliance and develop a number of joint initiatives to give youth meaningful work, internships and training opportunities.


Over our 95 years in Canada, we have created jobs, supported local businesses and farmers, and invested in our operations. Our focus has always been the long-term success of our business, which is only made possible through long standing relationships with our suppliers.

Today, we operate with 20 sites including factories, distribution centres and offices. Our gross payroll in 2015 was approximately $285 million. Nestlé Canada pays over $126 million in taxes annually, and purchases goods and services totaling over $700 million from 5,000 vendors.

Furthermore, we operate with numerous Canadian partners. For example, in 2015, we purchased dairy products totaling over $44 million from Canadian dairy farmers.


We are striving to have a positive impact in each and every community we are a part of, by forging partnerships with trusted and effective organizations across Canada.

In 2014-2015, Nestlé businesses in Canada gave more than $2 million to community partners and programs through financial and in kind product donations, as well as fundraising efforts. This giving is driven in a big way by our employees who donate their time and money to many worthy causes.