Nestlé Canada proudly supports Healthy Me Week 2016

Jun 7, 2016


At Nestlé Canada our vision is to help Canadians live healthier and happier lives with our Good Food, Good Life philosophy. We believe all foods and beverages can be part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle when consumed in moderation. Once again, we are proud to support Healthy Me Week – an annual national initiative to inspire, motivate and energize Canadian families to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

Running from June 6 to 12, Healthy Me Week encourages Canadians to make simple, manageable health changes in just three simple steps: Get Up (be active for at least 60 minutes a day), Fuel Up (eat well-balanced meals and healthy foods) and Own Up (take control by being your own healthy active living champion).

This year's campaign theme, "What's Your #HealthyMePlan?" invites Canadians to join HMW partners, celebrities and athletes in championing this initiative, by publicly sharing their own healthy active living action plan via social media. The week centers around a 7-Day Challenge, calling on participants to take part in a new healthy lifestyle activity each day. It can be as simple as walking to school or work, getting a good night’s sleep or trying out a new recipe full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Resources to support these behaviours and an ongoing commitment are available on the Healthy Me Week website.

Nestlé Canada is pleased to take part in this initiative along with media, business, community, sport, not-for-profit and community groups across Canada as a member of the Companies Committed to Kids partnership. It is one of many initiatives Nestlé Canada sponsors to help promote healthy lifestyles, such as the Healthy Kids Quest, a free program that delivers a nutrition curriculum in schools for kids in grades 1 to 3 across the country to help kick-start healthy eating at an early age.

Let’s all join the movement to lead healthier, more active lifestyles by sharing your #HealthyMePlan tips and tricks on social media, and inspiring others to do the same.