Act2Win: Creating profitable category growth together

Nov 19, 2013

Act2WinNestlé Canada is working more closely than ever with our retail partners, in order to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, improve value for consumers and deliver growth for retailers.

“We recently launched a new initiative called Act2Win”, says Steve Morris, Customer Business Strategy & Category Sales Development Leader at Nestlé Canada. “Act2Win is all about creating profitable growth in partnership with Canadian retailers. Through the Act2Win solutions we’re able to work more closely together, ultimately moving us all closer to achieving our goals.”

Nestlé Canada’s five Act2Win solutions are designed to help us better serve Canadian consumers. They include:

Category Insights and Strategy: We provide retailers with robust shopper insights to help shape category-building strategies and programs.  

Brand Building Essentials: Our goal is to build our brands  by focusing on aspects like Nutrition, Health and Wellness and community initiatives, increased investment for innovation and amplifying our presence in social media, to name a few.

Supply Chain Expertise: We collaborate with our partners to ensure the safest, freshest products are on the shelf and in the hands of consumers.

Joint Business Planning: Through an effective Joint Business Planning approach, retailers and Nestlé face business challenges together, driving shopper loyalty and category growth.

In-Store Excellence: Our reps who work in the field are fully trained and equipped with the right tools to create the best possible in-store conditions for both Nestlé Canada and our retail partners, which increases on-shelf product availability and drives consumer purchase.

To learn more about Act2Win please contact 1-800-500-5634.